23 March 2006

Census Update

I was really suprised when my neighbor knocked on my door heralding the arrival of the enumerators. It was some minutes past 6 (pm) on the second day of the census exercise and my first question was 'what if I had gone out at 4?' They were thankful I hadn't, and assured me that they would have returned at a later date to count me (Princess says according to the training manual, enumerators are expected to make atleast 5 return visits to any house in the event that on their first visit the inhabitants are not home). So what’s my name, how old am I, where do I work, what state am I from, where was I born, etc etc. I leave them two prints of my right thumb and they in turn mark the base of my left thumb with some purple ink which today is looking a lot like an iodine stain. So have been counted!

I heard the robbery in Ikoyi story and I must say I am not too impressed. I was watching LTV earlier in the day, and one of the presenters pointed out that although this story is making all the rounds, the police have not yet received a complaint of any robbery in the Ikoyi area, we don't know which house, on what street, what time this robbery took place, etc. All we know is that some people allegedly masquerading as census enumerators robbed a house. I was chatting with a friend on MSN a short while back and we both were discussing this 'robbery' while I am not saying its impossible, ( I had actually warned Princess to be extra vigilant this period) I am thinking Ikoyi really is the most unlikely place for this type of robbery to have occurred, what with the 200 hundred gates, visitors forms, well fed/trained guard dogs, metal detectors, cavity searches, gun carrying guards, dagger totting mallams you have to traverse at each house before you can even get to see the color of the paint of the first perimeter wall of the house (the house has 5 of these!) Please! Don't be suprised when the population of Lagos state is declared and it is such a ridiculous number there is a nationwide perhaps planet-wide outcry and the census board tells us that the number is so due to the fact that the high and mighty in Ikoyi refused to be counted when one of their number was robbed on day 1 of the census exercise!


Olawunmi said...

"yes, who got robbed exactly, what house, what street, who?"

i posed the same questions to my friend last night after she complained that they were feeling scared about the robbers claiming to be census officials. i think this is just another of those rumours that has gone round so often it has acquired the acidic taste of truth.

hope ure enjoying ur "holiday"...

adefunke said...

Omo I dey enjoy my 'holiday' well.

Anonymous said...

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