16 February 2006

Bag Lady

Normally I carry enough load, between the contents of my hand bag, and the tote bag I carry the stuff that won’t fit in my handbag, I could go a week without needing to get to my house for anything, and I wouldn’t need to visit a shop either. Okay I exaggerate! But really enough load. Once a month, groaning under my own self inflicted burden, I attempt to divest my bag of those things I need. I found that after each round of load shedding, my bags get heavier so I have stopped load shedding! I bought Princess’ lace yesterday, and the thing heavy no be small, coupled with the aso-ebi I had been carrying around to match the lace, plus the tissue my office gives every month to say I was a little encumbered would be putting it lightly! Professor Calculus (PC) is my dear friend and colleague. Please don’t get me wrong he is a real gentleman, he is gallant, but draws the line at carrying anyone’s load. His argument is that you decided to pack the load, no need to inflict your burden on me. I have another colleague who is also a gentleman and a gallant one at that; he draws no line, he will help a lady carry her bags. Sadly this gallant gentleman lost his GSM phone to Lagos area boys because he was so overwhelmed with another female colleagues’ load, he could only watch helplessly as the guy picked his pocket and sprinted off with his ill gotten gain. PC didn’t bring his car to work so it was my pleasure to give him a ride not all the way home, but at least to the mainland where he will now continue his journey by bus (he lives outside Lagos). I was pleasantly surprised when I asked him to please help with my ‘load’ and he agreed. I am not upset he picked the lightest of my bags to carry (his argument was that it was the least female looking of the lot), just glad to have someone help me out. (I was on the lookout for pickpockets all the way to my car!)

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