30 June 2006

Get drivers license, check!

I finally got my license!

No biggy I know, but coming from a person who has never ever done a drivers test (Nija na wonderful place) its a relief to have this all behind me.

Now comes the really hard part, getting a JOB! Since CMU and Smith both refused to admit me (yeah right) I am job hunting and I am thinking this might just be the opportunity I have been looking for to do those pesky certification exams. I will be starting of with Security+ from Comptia, I got the study guide yesterday from the bookstore and so far I have read a chapter. I am thinking of doing the exam in another two weeks if all goes according to plan. Wish me luck

20 June 2006

Miami Win

I ordinarly don't watch basketball, sure I would get to hear breaking news about the sport but prior to this NBA final, I can't remember the last time I watched 5 mins of a basketball game. I think Silverbird TV started it for me, they managed to show every game of the playoffs, ensuring that they couldn't show Ally McBeal on sunday evenings and that really pissed me off. I also think I started watching the game to sort of bone up about the game. I knew I would be relocating and I had been warned that the Americans don't follow soccer as avidly as we do in Nigeria. I must add at this point that I was stunned at the ease with which I have just flowed with the game. I would like to acknowledge my PE teacher in Form 2, I don't remember her name now but she had two daughters in my set (Ore can you help me out?)

I started rooting for the Heats 'cos I am not a fan of Kobe Bryant. I am not going to pretend that I have the skinny on the whole Shaq/Kobe/Lakers yawa, but I just don't like the guy (i.e. Kobe). Watching the Heats play and seeing Dwayne Wade just work his magic, I was hooked. Watching the awards ceremony, seeing Shaq present the MVP award to Wade and listening to them give a joint interview, I can imagine that he was quite unhappy in LA, and that this team won becasue they were a team in every sense, nonoe of that fronting and stuff that I imagine goes down in LA. Anyhow congratulation to the players, coaching crew and management team of the Miami Heats, more power to you!

18 June 2006

Fathers Day

To all you dads out there, happy fathers day!

Spice took us all out for lunch a la fathers day. It was a really interesting lunch, first Spice seemed upset that C hurried us out of the house for the lunch that was in his honor, then we got to the restaurant and as all seemed to be settling, another tiff over feeding the baby (Spice wanted to resume feeding N even though he was asleep) then there was the tiff over the tip Spice left. To cap it all off, N's pacifier fell to the ground. Spice wanted to throw it away while C said to just boil it. I am thinking C didn't know Spice heard him the first time and repeated the suggestion to just boil the pacifier, then Spice snarled at him. Spice is upstairs, C and I just finished watching the US Golf Open (really wanted Michelson to win) and now I am here (obviously) gossiping.

13 June 2006

Traffic Signs

Spice and I went to the division of motor vehicles today to get the 'book' (Texas Drivers Handbook.) I am glancing through it and I come to a sign its a yellow diamond with a stop sign in it and an arrow on top. This sign signals the driver to be prepared for a stop sign which is ahead. I had to put the book down, and laugh out loud. Imagine, being warned that there is a stop sign ahead. In Lagos the LASTMA guy has the stop sign stowed away for safety purpose in a bag hidden in a truck which for good measure is hidden in the bushes or behind a pile of rubbish by the road. He is hidding in the bushes with a hundred or so of his collegues, waiting to pop out like some evil jack-in-the-box. Just as you are approaching the junction, out pops our jack along with his hundred or so colleagues, and before you know it you are coughing out some 5k to bail yourself out of paying the 25k fine.

12 June 2006

Speed Limits

I set foot out of the house for the first time today since I got here, Spice had some errands to run and I accompanied her. The good news is that I have located the nearest Barnes & Nobles, Starbucks and Bank of America branch; the bad news is that getting around in this neigbourhood is virtually impossible without a car! C has already promised to get me the 'book' I have to read to take the driving test. It was the thought of studying to get my license that has put me off getting it for this long. I remember getting my drivers license in '92 in Ibadan. A family friend came over with a sheet of white paper which I thumb printed on and the next day I had my license! No driving through no obstacle course for me. Now I will have to read one big book and do a written as well as a practical test. I already see a small problem with driving in this country, speed limits. So far the highest limit I have seen is 40 mph thats like 80 kmph!!! LM fondly refers to the road leading to my old flat in Magodo as 'the river bed' its so rough, covered in sharp stones and undulations and the like, and even at that I didn't drive down it at 80 kmph, how the heck am I going to drive down all these correct roads at 80 kmph? Insurance premiums I am told will be my motivation. The other day LM came over and remarked that I really should be out, racing up and down 3rd mainland, seeing that I wouldn't be able to do this at will once I move. I am now wishing I followed his advice!

11 June 2006

I moved

I finally did it, I can hardly believe I could go through with my 'June 30th will not meet me in Nigeria' deadline!!!

Its taken me like 5 years to do this and although I am terribly frightened, I am glad I finally did it. I am staying with my girl Spice and her husband C. They have two children Jewel and N, N is like 2 months old and just eats and sleeps (at odd hours!) The weather is very like Lagos, minus the smells, dirt, etc; its was 36 degrees yesterday when I arrived.

I am anxiously scanning my mail box for word from Smith, which will determine if I am staying in Dallas or if I will once again be 'relocating' to Maryland. For now though I am just going to enjoy my 'vacation'.

05 June 2006

Drat and double drat

Didn't get into the Tepper program, just got the decision email. The Smith interview didn't go too well in my opinion, so I am striking that one out as well. I was so looking forward to doing the school thing, now I have to go work!!! I am so tired of working, i wish I could just afford to take a year off and do nothing.

01 June 2006

Hmmm ...

I was suspecting before, but now I know for a fact - MG is up to something.

A-Z Meme

Accent - None
Booze - Hmm … Heineken + Sprite/7Up, Stout + Coke, Long Island Ice Tea, Screwdriver
Chore I hate – Ironing.
Dogs/Cats – Not an animal person.
Essential electronics – Laptop (On my essential electronics wish list, iPod, digital camera)
Favourite Perfume – Anything from Hugo Boss
Gold/Silver – Definitely Gold
Hometown – Ogbomoso, Ogbomojugun.
Insomnia – If sleeping where an Olympic sport …
Job Title – Webmaster
Kids – 2 please
Living arrangements – Sparse, I am in transit
Most admired trait – Hmm … wit?
Number of sexual partners – Let’s say I will not need to borrow other people’s digits to count!
Overnight hospital stays – Once
Phobia – Snakes
Quote – We know that none of us is perfect, you must just be sure that your sins don't turn into bad habits - Sister Teresa of Avila (1515-82)
Religion – Christianity
Siblings – One younger sister
Time I usually awake – 4:30 a.m.
Unusual talent – I can identify anything by smell
Vegetable I refuse to eat – Garden egg, yuck!
Worst habit – Procrastination
X-rays – Quite a few, thankfully I have never broken anything.
Yummy foods I make – Ogbonna, Egusi, Fried Rice, Smoked Fish Sauce
Zodiac sign – Leo

Pilgrimage to self started this meme and she tagged me. In turn I am tagging TrendyCosmopolitan, Dingproof, Taureanminx, Everchanging World and Unveiling