13 June 2006

Traffic Signs

Spice and I went to the division of motor vehicles today to get the 'book' (Texas Drivers Handbook.) I am glancing through it and I come to a sign its a yellow diamond with a stop sign in it and an arrow on top. This sign signals the driver to be prepared for a stop sign which is ahead. I had to put the book down, and laugh out loud. Imagine, being warned that there is a stop sign ahead. In Lagos the LASTMA guy has the stop sign stowed away for safety purpose in a bag hidden in a truck which for good measure is hidden in the bushes or behind a pile of rubbish by the road. He is hidding in the bushes with a hundred or so of his collegues, waiting to pop out like some evil jack-in-the-box. Just as you are approaching the junction, out pops our jack along with his hundred or so colleagues, and before you know it you are coughing out some 5k to bail yourself out of paying the 25k fine.


Ore said...

LOL! Don't worry girl, you'll get very used to the signs and new speeding limits. It will all become second nature very soon to interprete road signs as you zoom past them. You'll also learn where you can safely speed and where there are police cars lying in wait.

I did! I only got 1 speeding ticket and that was just me being careless.

sokari said...

Congrats on the grad school and move to Texas - I wish you all the best and hope you have lots of fun too.

ToyinE said...

GIrl welcome to the state of the horrible traffic cops! If you're on the highway (i think the major one in Dallas is I-35) watch out for the Texas state Troopers! Those guys are worse than the slave masters of yesteryears! They will not listen to any sobstory or nada u're getting a big ticket adn thats that! How're you liking Dallas so far, I used to be in Houston but Dallas to me was always nicer and less 'ghettoer' unless you travel to the Ft. Worth side then im sorry for ya! Dallas Galleria is nice also. Well got a couple of friends there so if you get bored or something - things happen there and nice things too.
Enjoy reading that yellow, black and red drivers handbook and the rest of the tests are pretty easy!

Na Me joo said...

welcome . . sounds very much like u r settling in fine :)

Pilgrimage to Self said...

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Onada said...

welcome girl!!!

lol at that book. i honestly cant tell you i remember anything from studying for my DMV test.