18 June 2006

Fathers Day

To all you dads out there, happy fathers day!

Spice took us all out for lunch a la fathers day. It was a really interesting lunch, first Spice seemed upset that C hurried us out of the house for the lunch that was in his honor, then we got to the restaurant and as all seemed to be settling, another tiff over feeding the baby (Spice wanted to resume feeding N even though he was asleep) then there was the tiff over the tip Spice left. To cap it all off, N's pacifier fell to the ground. Spice wanted to throw it away while C said to just boil it. I am thinking C didn't know Spice heard him the first time and repeated the suggestion to just boil the pacifier, then Spice snarled at him. Spice is upstairs, C and I just finished watching the US Golf Open (really wanted Michelson to win) and now I am here (obviously) gossiping.

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