20 June 2006

Miami Win

I ordinarly don't watch basketball, sure I would get to hear breaking news about the sport but prior to this NBA final, I can't remember the last time I watched 5 mins of a basketball game. I think Silverbird TV started it for me, they managed to show every game of the playoffs, ensuring that they couldn't show Ally McBeal on sunday evenings and that really pissed me off. I also think I started watching the game to sort of bone up about the game. I knew I would be relocating and I had been warned that the Americans don't follow soccer as avidly as we do in Nigeria. I must add at this point that I was stunned at the ease with which I have just flowed with the game. I would like to acknowledge my PE teacher in Form 2, I don't remember her name now but she had two daughters in my set (Ore can you help me out?)

I started rooting for the Heats 'cos I am not a fan of Kobe Bryant. I am not going to pretend that I have the skinny on the whole Shaq/Kobe/Lakers yawa, but I just don't like the guy (i.e. Kobe). Watching the Heats play and seeing Dwayne Wade just work his magic, I was hooked. Watching the awards ceremony, seeing Shaq present the MVP award to Wade and listening to them give a joint interview, I can imagine that he was quite unhappy in LA, and that this team won becasue they were a team in every sense, nonoe of that fronting and stuff that I imagine goes down in LA. Anyhow congratulation to the players, coaching crew and management team of the Miami Heats, more power to you!


Ore said...

I think her name was Mrs. Oyenkwe. But I'll check with my sister. But, yes I remember that we covered the rules of BB extensively. Pity I can't remember any of it.

adefunke said...

Yes Mrs Onyekwe!

Cherub said...

Haha! Are these QCOG's in da house?
We're everywhere on the planet. I always thought Mrs. Onyekwe's wahala was too much, or did she think we all wanted to be future athletes ni? My PE note in her class was full, with the rules and all for the various sports.

Ore said...

LOL! Yes indeed! Mrs. O certainly made sure that we knew all the rules. Pity we never really played many of the sports we learnt about.