29 July 2007

What do you you know ...

Its my birthday today, at least thats what they told me all of a sudden 40 doesn't seem that old!

I am home alone recuperating from the activities running up to this 'big' day; bowling on thursday with the guys (way too many beers), enthusiastic workout on Friday (my trainer is very cute! Note to self: take the Aleve immediately after the workout not two days later when you are practically immobile from the pain) followed by a movie with a friend (I guess my non-stop commentary wasn't such a turn off cos he signed up to see '300' with me on Saturday - buff, half-naked hairless men yum), errands all day Saturday and a play in the evening.

I am sooooo pissed!

I bought a dvd and a cd among other things from Target then I went to get my car washed. Guess whats not in my shopping when I got home!? I am too sure I carried all my purchases away from Target although I was a bit distracted (chatting on the phone) so now I am not entirely sure waht happened i.e. did I leave the stuff in target or did it get pinched at de car wash? arrggghhhhh!!!!

27 July 2007

Stop Trying To 'Save' Africa

Well said Uzo ... Stop Trying To 'Save' Africa washingtonpost.com

Last Comic Standing

I got back from the gym on Tuesday and in one fluid motion deposited my mail on the shelf, picked up the tv remote, divested myself of my many bags, got a cold beer out of the fridge, collapsed on my poor couch, turned on the tv and cable box, took a long swig from my drink then let out a long sigh ... heaven. Why bother with the gym you may ask (re: the cold beer) and I would respond its only 100 calories (a mere 8 minutes on the elliptical machine) bugger off! Where was I? Oh yes the TV! 'Last Comic Standing' happens to be on, this is a show I find myself watching while not actually watching. They have apparently gotten to the semi-finals and I was surprised to see Thea Vidale competing. I hit the info button on the remote, nop this is not the new season of Surreal Life, interesting. Thea has been doing comedy (as a professional) for like 20 yrs by her own admission, isn't this show supposed to be something for like amateurs or at the very least like never before seen comics in the US? Anyway after listening to her tired jab at Condoleeza Rice's hair and her not too brilliant conclusion that a man with big hands and feet would be a clown, I was not really surprised she didn't make the semi's and wondered how she got this far in the competition anyway. I could now understand how with her 20 yr experience she would be on a show like 'Last Comic Standing'. A word to NBC, we the viewing public are expecting to see 'new' talent on this show, there are enough comics, you guys really needn't recycle. But if you really MUST recycle, Gina Yashere (a.k.a Mrs Omokorede on the Lenny Henry Show) is a good example of what to do. Search other continents and introduce their comic talents to Americans. Gina is in the top 10 and look forward to watching her next week. Here is to a successful launch of your career States-side durlin!

25 July 2007

'Soul Legends are back'

Looking forward to listening to this album, love Caron Wheeler, love Jazzie's beats.

Soul Legends are back! mirror.co.uk

22 July 2007

The red-headed I

I am watching 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants' for like the 3rd time in like 20 hrs (HBO will do that to you) and I suddenly had the urge to color my hair. I had had a conversation about hair color with a friend like 2 months ago and on her recommendation purchased a box of hair color (4rc Cherrywood by Clairol) . So out came the box, on went the gloves and in my hair went the color. I am like 15 mins into the wait for the color to set in. I hope it tuns out well, thank God for my wigs!

06 July 2007

Strange Drink

It was a Friday morning a couple of weeks ago people are arriving at work, logging in to their computers etc and some how the gist turns to urban legends and my colleague describes a very strange coffee bean preparation process involving the digestive tract of a monkey! What!? All it took was two words in Google (Monkey Coffee) and urban legend became fact with some modification, the monkey is actually a palm civet. I am so behind times on this one, among the links that came up on Google was one to an article saying Oprah had hosted a tasting of this very esoteric coffee like 3 years ago. After much discussion and involuntary shudders, my boss whips out his credit card and declares that a tasting is in order and this purchase qualifies as a company expense. I believe all things should be tried once and only once, so I am definitely game for a tasting. Some things should be tried several times in different positions but I digress. Like joke like joke my pipo order a sample from a company online somewhere in Asia. We soon ease into the days work (the credit card does have to be paid off at the end of the month) and by end of day I had promptly forgotten all about Kopi Luwak. Then it arrived yesterday vacuum sealed straight from Indonesia. It was not a small ceremony this morning o, brewing the coffee. Finally it was time to taste it. I must say I was disappointed. I do like coffee, I cannot claim to be an aficionado or anything but the aroma of this particular coffee was like practically non existent (I had to stick my nose in the cup to catch a whiff of it) and it tasted like ... Nescafe! Could this be a case of too many cooks (in this case 4) spoiling the broth? Abi na 'normal' (but very high priced) coffee beans wey we buy? Who knows. We still have some beans left over and we have decided to reconvene on Monday for another tasting, lets see if I will have a different opinion then.

Photo Courtesy of animalcoffee.com

The Artist ...

I found this in the People section of Time magazine.

'With behavior like this [Prince] will soon be the Artist Formerly Available in Record Stores.'

Paul Quirk, co-chairman of the Entertainment Retailers Association. Record-store owners were livid that Prince gave away millions of copies of his new album in Britain


Actually the give away hasn't 'technically' happened, its scheduled for the 15th of July in the UK, the new album (titled Planet Earth) will be given away free inside The Mail on Sunday. Make una buy paper, rip de cd, and log on to LimeWire ;)

01 July 2007

Hell Yeah!

Dialogue between a male and female character (played by Tatum O'Neal) on 'Rescue Me'. I don't watch the show so I don't know what their relationship is, judging from their exchange though I am inclined to believe they might be romantically involved:

Guy: You are drunk
Gal: And you are an idiot but I don't rake you over the coals for it
Guy: My being an idiot isn't a choice!

(More like occupational hazard! LOL!!!)