27 July 2007

Last Comic Standing

I got back from the gym on Tuesday and in one fluid motion deposited my mail on the shelf, picked up the tv remote, divested myself of my many bags, got a cold beer out of the fridge, collapsed on my poor couch, turned on the tv and cable box, took a long swig from my drink then let out a long sigh ... heaven. Why bother with the gym you may ask (re: the cold beer) and I would respond its only 100 calories (a mere 8 minutes on the elliptical machine) bugger off! Where was I? Oh yes the TV! 'Last Comic Standing' happens to be on, this is a show I find myself watching while not actually watching. They have apparently gotten to the semi-finals and I was surprised to see Thea Vidale competing. I hit the info button on the remote, nop this is not the new season of Surreal Life, interesting. Thea has been doing comedy (as a professional) for like 20 yrs by her own admission, isn't this show supposed to be something for like amateurs or at the very least like never before seen comics in the US? Anyway after listening to her tired jab at Condoleeza Rice's hair and her not too brilliant conclusion that a man with big hands and feet would be a clown, I was not really surprised she didn't make the semi's and wondered how she got this far in the competition anyway. I could now understand how with her 20 yr experience she would be on a show like 'Last Comic Standing'. A word to NBC, we the viewing public are expecting to see 'new' talent on this show, there are enough comics, you guys really needn't recycle. But if you really MUST recycle, Gina Yashere (a.k.a Mrs Omokorede on the Lenny Henry Show) is a good example of what to do. Search other continents and introduce their comic talents to Americans. Gina is in the top 10 and look forward to watching her next week. Here is to a successful launch of your career States-side durlin!


Naijagroom said...

You drink beer when alone at home?

adefunke said...

@naijagroom - err ...yeah