30 June 2006

Get drivers license, check!

I finally got my license!

No biggy I know, but coming from a person who has never ever done a drivers test (Nija na wonderful place) its a relief to have this all behind me.

Now comes the really hard part, getting a JOB! Since CMU and Smith both refused to admit me (yeah right) I am job hunting and I am thinking this might just be the opportunity I have been looking for to do those pesky certification exams. I will be starting of with Security+ from Comptia, I got the study guide yesterday from the bookstore and so far I have read a chapter. I am thinking of doing the exam in another two weeks if all goes according to plan. Wish me luck


Ore said...

Ah too bad for CMU and Smith! Their loss!

Good luck with the certification exams. I'm sure it'll be fun studying for them (well, I'm a dork who likes exams).

How are you liking Dallas?

DingProof said...

If you'll be in Texas for the next one year, you may want to take a look at U of Texas and Texas A&M. Both good schools and you'll be good for in-state tuition and possibly gratuate assitanship. All the best with the certification.

Pilgrimage to Self said...

Wow! I love the speed at which you are working at settling in. Well done you.

adefunke said...

@ Ore and Dingproof - Thanks you guys, and I have already begun to take a good look at Texas A&M and U of Texas.

@ PTS - Perhaps I am being silly, but I really don't want any ugly incidents with my hosts, I have heard some really nasty stories about situations similar to mine turning really ugly hence I am trying to get my behind settled in and living on my own asap!