12 June 2006

Speed Limits

I set foot out of the house for the first time today since I got here, Spice had some errands to run and I accompanied her. The good news is that I have located the nearest Barnes & Nobles, Starbucks and Bank of America branch; the bad news is that getting around in this neigbourhood is virtually impossible without a car! C has already promised to get me the 'book' I have to read to take the driving test. It was the thought of studying to get my license that has put me off getting it for this long. I remember getting my drivers license in '92 in Ibadan. A family friend came over with a sheet of white paper which I thumb printed on and the next day I had my license! No driving through no obstacle course for me. Now I will have to read one big book and do a written as well as a practical test. I already see a small problem with driving in this country, speed limits. So far the highest limit I have seen is 40 mph thats like 80 kmph!!! LM fondly refers to the road leading to my old flat in Magodo as 'the river bed' its so rough, covered in sharp stones and undulations and the like, and even at that I didn't drive down it at 80 kmph, how the heck am I going to drive down all these correct roads at 80 kmph? Insurance premiums I am told will be my motivation. The other day LM came over and remarked that I really should be out, racing up and down 3rd mainland, seeing that I wouldn't be able to do this at will once I move. I am now wishing I followed his advice!


Pilgrimage to Self said...

My sista, you better learn to stay within the limits because by the time they hit you with a speeding ticket plus points on your license, you'd wish you had.

And yes, that's the States for you. If you don't have a car you're virtually grounded. I always have to hire one when I'm there. Welcome to a life of law and order! :-)

adefunke said...

I think the transportation thing depends on where you live. When I used to visit with my friend in Brooklyn and White Plains (New York) she didn't have a car and getting around was no problem at all. All I had to do was get my weekly bus/train pass and I could pretty much go anywhere I wanted as long as I had an address!

bhookey said...

lol yea its wuite hard to move around in dallas without a car
u lived in magodo? i did too