06 February 2006

I am back at work after my vacation. Although the break was two weeks and I didn't go anywhere special, (i did go see my mum in Ibadan), I have to say I enjoyed myself, I got a chance to do all my favorite things - read and sleep! plus I managed to stuff my face now and then!. Oh how could I forget, the highlight of my vacation - I got shot at!!!

Thats right, here I was driving back to Lagos from Ibadan I was almost at Shagamu, the time is between 5 and 5:30 PM. The road is not busy (its a thursday evening) I had serviced my car prior to the trip so we were both up for a 'quick' drive. Anyways I must have been clocking 150-160 when I came upon a police convoy, they must have been doing 100-110 max. The convoy was two cars long, I am suspecting they were probably on a cash movement run. Well (stupidly) I made to overtake and I was cautioned by the passenger in the first car in the convoy not to attempt it. Of course I slowed down and I am thinking am I going to crawl to Lagos like this? My best bet would be to stop and let them get further ahead then I can continue my trip at my pace but hey! this is Lagos-Ibadan expressway and bad things have been known to happen to good people on this particular expressway, what do I do, what do I do? All this while I was decelerating o, next thing 'KAGBOAI' (it seems the standard issue for the Nigerian Police is the 'Dane Gun', aka 'SAKABULA') and plenty plenty white smoke!!! I can't believe it, the police man shot at me!!! Then my car does a little wobble, the police man shot at me and hit my tire!!! I manouver into the outer lane and then stop the car I come out and my back tire has been shot out!!! I am really in shock that guy is one helluva shot!!! Anywas I change my tire, enough drama, tire nuts too tight I had to flag down an okada driver, my spare was flat had to stop another okada who took me to get that pumped up, it seems gentlemen don't ply lagos-ibadan expressway on thursdays!!! Anyways thanks to the two okada drivers who stopped to help me out. I don't want to believe that the policeman was that good a shot, I think him hitting my tire at all was just chance, but he shot in my direction which is what baffles me. I was really lucky as a friend pointed out, he could have hit my fuel tank and the story would have been a completely different one. I was able to continue my journey sans extra tire in about 45 mins, made Lagos in 20 mins ;)


Ore said...

Girl, you are extremely lucky! Count yourself super-blessed.

I'm even more amazed that you can change your tire. I've never had to do it yet and pray that I don't have to learn the hard way.

Epictetus said...

And to think you were within the speed limits!

Important commentary on the competence of the Nigerian police, though: I'd have argued against the accuracy of that shot.