15 February 2006

Liverpool 1 - 0 Arsenal

My collegue is a liverpool fan, you can imagine all the noise he has been making.


Anonymous said...

It's the other way round at my place of work, most of my colleagues are Gunners at the office was peacefully quite today, I had the chance to listen to some lovely tune on the radio instead while I wind them up at intervals. BYW, are u a Gunner?

Sick of IT! said...

Liverpool, Gunners....what a crock of ****. 22 little faggots running around in circles!

Lets give this whole premiership a break! How many of you even know the names of teams in your own league? Do absolutely nothing to support the Glo league...but at this slightest gust of the wind you're all blown in the direction of the premiership....or is it just the "in thing" with the mindless Lagos crowd?

adefunke said...

Well Idon't know if they are all faggots, but all those legs on display!

Well I used to go watch live games, but it can get very very ugly, plus road travel in Nigeria leaves much to be desired. I used to follow the NPL on AIT, but then NTA waded in on the transmission rights and of course they had problems delivering, so I haven't seen an NPL game in like yonks!

Lagosians can like to feel among sha, I agree, but its easier, safer, and cheaper to watch the premiership than the NPL.

Epictetus said...

Is there a football league in Nigeria? Amazing! Dodgy referees; board room points awarded randomly; 99% public sector employees; football pitches slightly better than Idumota after the rains; grainy television images. Haba! I'd fall ill over that.

The good must give way to the better; as indeed the better must to the best.

By all means the, let the Nigerian football league (or the travesty that passes for it) yield to the Barclays English Premiership.