21 February 2006

Real Madrid 0 1 Arsenal

I can't believe it, I can hardly sit still!!!!!!

Imagine, I was kinda glad when I had to be at work, I didn't think I could bear the tension of watching the game. Monitoring it on Gamecast (soccernet.com), I was convinced that I had made the right choice; at a point ball possession was 67% to 33% in favor of Real, and all i could see were yellow dots crowding Lehman!!! I guess I should have been reading the transcript but I was too much of a chicken. Feeling dejected (i need silverware) I head off home at the end of the first half. Imagine my delight when I turned on the tv (many thanks to Silverbird TV, who show live Champions league games) and finally had the liver to look at the scores, oh joy oh rapture! Caught the game at the 88th minute and chewed out all my nails by the time the final whistle went! I nearly died when that cross came in from the right for Real, glad to see Ronaldo missed it by 1 or 2 kilometers. I wonder what happened in the second half, they had a whole 5 mins of stoppage time.

We have showed a good record in Europe this season, not having lost any games in our campaign. I hope we continue like this, dare I say it, perhaps we might pull off a 'Liverpool', and maybe finish top 3 in the Premiership. There is a God and He just might be an Arsenal fan.


Anonymous said...

One more point of joy is that Arsenal is the first UK club to win Real at there home ground - that's worth even more celebration when u thing of the low expectation before the match. I dont think God is an Arsenal fan though!

sokari said...

From one gooner girl to another - keep the faith!