09 February 2006

Six months off for good behaviour

So, Tafa Balogun is a free man.

I guess this is the way to go then, embezzle govt funds (keep a precise a log of the precise amount you are embezzling), put the money to work for you, once EFCC comes calling put up a bit of a struggle, then capitulate and hand over your log, plus you bank account details. Ensure that the sum in the banks will equal the amount in your log. This is very important because you are returning only what you misappropriated, the interest is yours. Serve a short jail term and its off to some exotic location to launder your ill gotten wealth (not to mention checking in to a reputable medical facility for the requisite tummy tuck!) Return in about 5 years, and you are in pole position for the senatorial seat for your district!

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