24 February 2006

Welcome BigBadWolf

Please join me in welcoming BigBadWolf to the blogshere, may your blog existence be long and fruitful.


Anonymous said...

guess u shld visit BigBadWolf site too and leave a message ...

sokari said...

Hi Adefunke -
I came up with this idea for international women's day on the 8th of March as part of the African Women Blogging roundup that Mshairi (http://www.mshairi.com/blog) and I do for the GV.

I thought it would be great if each woman writes a brief piece (about 5 lines if possible) about 1 or 2 women she would like to honour/celebrate post it on their blogs. It could be your mother, friend, artists, activist, leade, from your neighbourhood, community, country or continent wide - whoever as long as they are African. Once we have responses we will know exactly how many will post on the 8th of March then Mshairi and I will do a roundup on GV of all the posts by the African women bloggers.
If you are intrested in participating please could you email me at: africa at globalvoicesonline dot org

Many thanks - sokari