28 March 2006

Arsenal 2 0 Juventus

The old lady is on life support!

I didn't get to watch the match, I was stuck in some infernal traffic on third mainland and by the time I got home, PHCN had struck. Power came back on just as the post match analysis was on tv. PC rang me with the great news though and I spent a better part of the evening getting the gist from my Arsenal peeps.

A total of 7 cards were given (2 red and 4 yellow), Arsenal ever the gracious host allowed Juventus to go home with the lot! 3 of the cards were awarded to Camoranesi ( 2 yellow, 1 red) for exemplary conduct on the field of play! This means they will be missing two defenders (Camoranesi and Zebina) as well as Viera for the return leg in Turin.

The Arsenal youngsters are really doing well, their form has been good of late, Fabregas gave a very good account of himself against our former captain in particular and as mid-fielder in general. I am looking forward to our historic semi-final qualification come 5th of April at the Stadio del Alpi

Vieira eclipsed by Fabregas class

Henry full of praise for Arsenal but urges caution

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