10 March 2006

Arsenal/Juventus Quarterfinal

For those who haven't heard, we face Juventus and Viera on the 5th of April at Delle Alpi

UEFA Champions League Fixtures


Olawunmi said...

yes yes get over it. it will all be over for your yansh-team then.

"same old arse-nal always losing!!!"

Kenyananalyst said...

No, we have gone places this season. Prof. Wenger has been building for the future. I hope Viera will realize his folly in bad-mouthing us after he left (particularly after the Premier League worsened for us). It can't get any better for us, can it? :-)

adefunke said...

@ Olawunmi - Reading your comments, I could have sworn you were a red devil, checking out your blog I was proved right. Sour grapes!
@ Kenyanalyst - It sure can, we will be lifting the CL trophy.