16 March 2006

Chris Anyanwu Uncensored

Ms Anyanmu is on the cover of Genevieve this month, and I must say she is looking very good for a woman her age (I am harzarding a guess of early 40's). A word of advice to the graphics people/portrait photographer, please take it easy on the photo enhancement, Ms Anyanwu looked a lot better (to me), more real when we could see her pores, etc. Click here for the full interview with Genevieve.

On a related note, I think its very hypocritical of Baba Iyabo to deny Ms Anyanwu and all the other journalists jailed on the trumped up coup charge by Abacha pardon, seeing that Bros Sege himself would not be here pulling all strings temporal and spiritual in order to serve a 3rd term if he hadn't himself received such a pardon. Watching the whole 3rd term drama unfold, it is becoming increasingly obvious that really in the next elections, the vote of the common man really will not count.


The Humanity Critic said...

That was a great piece, good looking out on the link.

Anonymous said...

she is actually in her early 50s. I know it is hard to believe but as they say 'black dont crack'

Anonymous said...

Chris Anyanwu is 56 years old.