13 March 2006

To tip or not to tip?

I am driving into my estate and saying a short prayer – ‘Lord let the power situation on my street be sorted’. Although I know God answers prayers, the all too familiar din of generators on my street led me to believe He hadn’t answered this particular one. Chei! 3 days in a row! I am not really particular about power, no need fretting about a situation you can do nothing about, however I was dying to see the Seal concert again (borrowed it from MMY, can’t get enough of the guy!) I said another quick one ‘Lord let this (absence of power) be as a result of load shedding’. I drive into my block and inquire of Mohammed (my guard) the power situation, ‘Na now now the light blink’ he replied. The power blinking on then off could be an indication of all sorts of things, all of them not good, hmmm ... As I lock up my car I look up and see a young man saunter towards me it’s the PHCN guy who connected me the other day (see previous article). ‘Hello’ I say, ‘Oh no’ I groan under my breath. I am going to have to tip this guy and I just spent all I had putting gas in my car!!! Wait a minute; I have some mint N 50 notes in my bag phew! ‘How now, how u dey’? I ask. He is well, just finished sorting out our power issues, apparently as he switched us over, power for our area was shut off due to the load shedding schedule (God does answer prayers!) Not to worry though, we will have power before midnight. His partner shows up and we chit-chat for awhile, to give them time to state their ‘business’ here, I asked about the pre-paid meters being installed in the estate. They said they would find out about it and get back to me. Finally, I had been waiting for it and I wasn’t disappointed ‘Aunty Funke you go find us something o’! I smile as I dip my hand into my bag and pull out some of the N 50 bills. ‘Thank you Aunty’ they both chorus as they say their good nights and leave for their office on the other side of the estate. Power does come back on sometime during the night, I don’t know when exactly, I love my sleep I got up long enough to shut my windows and put my ac on, I’ll be enjoying my dvd later today.

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