21 April 2006

Eleru gbe eru re (Let the owner of the load carry the load)

I had earlier blogged about my 'gallant male colleague', the one who was so encumbered with helping a female colleague, he watched helplessly as pickpockets made off with his GSM phone.

So I am at my desk going through my tasks for the day when I over hear this female colleague harassing someone. My 'gbeborun' (busybody) ears quickly tune in to listen. The gist of the matter was that she had as usual a hundred and one bags to take home at the close of work, and the IT student didn’t help her with them. In my mind I am like na only u dem born? Why is it that you dey everly carry load? Sharp girl (IT student) I don’t blame you, make you no go carry load wey no concern you enter yawa.

The other day I was as usual lugging my usual load, i.e. tote bag and hang bag home. I got in the elevator with another IT student who made to carry one of my bags; I quickly stopped her with an appreciative smile and a firm refusal. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first person to offer a helping hand, and I do appreciate it when someone helps me out if I am overwhelmed, I just think it’s irresponsible of anyone to, as a matter of principle, leave their house/office everyday over-burdened and expect to put others out with their parcels. I remember just as I finished secondary school, I attended a youth camp organized by my church ‘Operation Daniel’ it was called. It was a much needed spiritual eye opener. Some time after that my youth pastor came by the house for a visit and I saw him off to the bus-stop. He had a briefcase with him and as we got of our gate, I made to take it from him. He stopped me with an appreciative smile and a firm refusal saying, ‘don’t let this our culture enslave you, I left the house with it, if I felt at some time during the day I would not be able to cope with it I should have not carried it at all’ Many thanks to Pastor S for giving me this information that has set me free.


ToyinE said...

I especially liked this post - I think our culture does enslave us and we have come to accept it as the norm. I get a lot of grief if i dont offer people food and drinks immediately they enter my house but sometimes i dont because i know they're not hungry especially if we came in together???? And that carrying stuff - I agree with your pastor 100% Eji ki onikaluku gbe eru e - after all i didnt ask u to carry it from where u came from, my assitance to you is a bonus not an expected duty!

Everchange said...

Wow. I like you Pastor very much.