06 April 2006

IBB, Baba Iyabo, Atiku and Matters Arising

Okay, IBB who had 'promised' not to run against Baba Iyabo has declared his intention to run, as Baba Iyabo leaves the decision to run in the hands of God, never mind the heavy lobbying for the amendment of the constitution. Now Atiku is openly opposing the 3rd term bid. Interesting.

Nigeria's VP opposes 3rd term. bbc.co.uk


ToyinE said...

what is going on oooo in Nigerian politics??? I always had a snaking suspicion that IBB had some stuff up his sleeve regarding Nigeria '07. Meanwhile, this FFK guy is really something too.... in fact, i remain speechless :)

ps IBB supporting Atiku in the no 3rd term agenda or he has his own personal runs?

adefunke said...

Who is FFK?

As per IBB supporting Atiku, I don't think so, but it is not uncommon for people to band together to deal with common enemies then they go about pusuing their own agenda

ToyinE said...

ffk - femi fani kayode: the president's spokesman!