27 April 2006

Its a boy!

My girl Spice had a baby yesterday, her husband just buzzed me with the good news. I had been holding my breath scine she called to tell me she was pregnant. I am so happy (and relieved) for Spice and CAK, they had really been trying for a second baby forever, and Spice had gone through hell in the process, miscarriage upon miscarriage. Thank God for his mercies. 'Adupe, a ku ewu omo (I can't translate this, the general sentiment is congratulations), 'Oluwa a wo o' (God will keep him), 'Ko ni ku mo yin lowo o' (He will not die on you - you will not bury him), 'ko ni pa yin lekun o' (you will not sorrow over him), 'Omo yi a shina ibukun, igberaga, ayo ni inu idile yi' (He will open the doors for more blessing, promotion, joy in your household), 'Inkan ti e ma fi toju e ko ni won yin' (you will not lack the things you will require to take care of him), Oluwa a gbo adura awon ton wo oju re fun omo. Lai pe lai jina ayo yi a kari yin' (For those who are waiting on the Lord for a child, soon and very soon your joy will be complete). 'Fun awon ti o wa ninu oyun, e ni ri ogun abiku, oyun bibaje, were le ma bi omo yin' (For those who are pregnant, you will not suffer a stillbirth, you will not suffer a miscarriage, you will have your baby with no complications whatsoever) 'Loruko Jesu' (in Jesus name) 'Amin' (Amen)

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