12 April 2006


I got an email, from some Christopher guy today. He opens the email by sayin 'Hello, your email address was given to me as someone who loves music' (you got that right!) Apparently there is to be a talent show called StarFactor which will be hosted in Nigeria in association with OBETV, R70.com & DJAMUSIC.com. The winner walks of with N10,000,000 (no mention of a recording contract, but I haven't really looked at the site yet), and auditions will be held in Lagos, Abuja, kaduna, Enugu, Jos, Makurdi, London (why?) and Port Harcourt. Oh and there is a registeration fee of N3,000. I might just register, for the heck of it!



Pilgrimage to Self said...

Registration fee? I smell rat.

adefunke said...

I initially thought this might just be a scam, but then again it might not be. However thay haven't really been advertising here (radio jingle, tv spots, newspapers, etc) so one isn't to sure. Do you have to pay to audition for Idol?

jof_views said...

I saw the same e-mail in my box too, so i asked the sender to register on www.proudlynaija.com, (a community that's commited to showcasing Nigeria in all her "grandeur").The sender did and post some advert on the forthcoming contest.

I have only Googled (starfactor + nigeria)tonight and this blog and www.proudlynaija.com came up.

Maybe you can ask the guy more questions on the contest here (http://proudlynaija.com/TWH/index.php?topic=79.msg178#new)

But as for me the quoted sum of money 5 million Naira and 5 million naira worth of recording contract seems outrageous.

Who are the sponsors etc. Anyway remember if it seems too good to be true...

N:B ProudlyNaija.com does not have any dealing with Starfactor contest or any of it's organizer.

Take care.