12 May 2006

About 100 dead in Lagos pipeline blast

To think PC thought it was a rain cloud!

On the walk in to the office this morning, PC called my attention to a dark portion of the sky. 'looks like rain' he said. It looked more like smoke from a fire to me and I said as much. We walked into our office building and that was that. I found
this on Reuters not to long ago. There has been some sort of fuel shortage in Lagos, and one really can't say if the shortage was created by these vandals or if they tapped into the pipeline as a result of the shortage to make a quick buck. Anyhow people are dead, again!

About 100 dead in Lagos pipeline blast - Red Cross reuters.com


albibie said...

The reality of the situation is sad. I believe the truth is that these people are poor. Petrol scarcity and they want to make a naira or two and what is paramount to legilator is third term. Something we ouldn't even be discussing at all. It's a shame but Nigerians are poor and suffering!!!!!

Smilodon said...

Hi everyone,

While this is no doubt an unfortunate tragedy, I doubt it could have been avoided, considering the plight of the perps involved and literarily; the heavy presence of the two most common elements in the universe namely hydrogen (in this case hydrocarbon) and stupidity according to Harlan Ellison.

I guess desperation can sometimes blur the line between suicidal and survival acts or the gene pool is just getting shallow.