26 May 2006

Whats in the water?

I stayed late in the office again still trying to do the Smith Interview, omo I tire, I wonder how CMU managed to reach me on the dot of the hour for our interview.  Anyhow, I got a ride from the office to the toll gate from a colleague and then took a bike from there to the estate gate.  It’s a nice cool evening and I am thinking a little walk wouldn’t kill me so I walk.  I am ‘jejely’ strolling along, my jacket in one hand and a very light hand bag in the other (by the way I have discovered the key to decongesting my handbag, take PT!) I walk past this parked Altima and from the corner of my eye I see the driver is following my progress with his eyes.  I slowly count to 5 and I am not disappointed, first his headlights come on, then  a short while after that, the engine.  He does that slow driving thing that guys do then I hear him say something as he pulls alongside me.  I was a member of my house marching team in secondary school, and I can do a mean ‘eye’s forward’!  I was expecting him to drive off, but then he actually stops, I am guessing he decides to stop and call someone he knows for sure would not ignore him like I did.  I carry on with my stroll home.  A couple of feet down the road, another car slows down and the driver says something, like the Johnnie Walker ad, I just keep on stepping.  Yet another couple of feet, a car drives by me and then stops and reverses, what is in the water in this neighborhood?  I am wondering what effect this mysterious substance has on the women, going but what I have observed tonight, I guess it is safe to say we know the effect it has on the guys!  As usual the passenger window comes down and the guy says ‘my neighbor’.  I recognize the voice immediately, it’s the guy who lives above my flat.  ‘Hi’ I say a little upset that I would not get to finish my stroll.  He gives me a ride home and asks why I am not driving my car, am I having some trouble with it?  No I assure him, I have practically sold it, and yes I am planning to buy a new one (liar!)

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Onada said...

You must have been looking hot!! LOL