13 July 2006

My Father's Occupation

I am watching Jay Leno and according to some book/survey, the most successful pick up line in use is 'Your father is a thief, he stole the stars in the sky and put them in your eyes', imagine! I am wondering what kind of person this line would actually sway.

I myself can testify to the fact that this line actually exists and is actually in use, infact it has been in use for atleast 16 years and in places as far away as Ibadan, Nigeria. I remember the night I heard it, I had just moved to Ibadan with my mum and enrolled in a mixed school, and giddy at the fact that I got to see boys EVERYDAY!!! The boy in question was the elder brother of a girl I attended lesson with (she had such lovely hair). I do not recall how we actually met since he didn't atend my school anyway I was out at night on some errand (probably to get bread or plantain or something) he waylays me at the carpenters shed two houses from mine and his proclamation of love culminated in him delivering the afore mentioned line. When I heard the first part of the line, I got angry very quickly, how dare this horny teenager call my father a thief? I am not normally a patient person, but somehow I didn't explode just then. It was well worth it to wait and hear the rest. I laughed so hard and loud I would not be suprised if my mum heard! Of course the line did not 'chop me', I wan't falling for no smooth talking local layabout giddy as I was at the fact that I was in such 'close' contact with boys.


Anonymous said...

Some pick up line....

NaijaBloke said...

When ppl ask me abt pick up lines and I tell them I don't know any,they always think am lying.For real i don't know any except the ones I hear when ppl make fun of it.

I always try to think back to when I start talking to all the girls I know and can't even remeber how it started.I think I just go with the flow.

Nice blog will be back