18 September 2006

Man Utd 0 - 1 Arsenal

Finally, our first win of the season I feel like I won the lottery! I didn't watch the match (I really miss DSTV), but I received plenty of excited phone calls from fellow Gunners. From the look of the team lineup I see that Wenger fielded his team B and what a confidence booster winning the match must have been for them in particular and the team in general. It felt good to see us finally move up in th tables and the fact that we still have a game in hand puts a smile on my face.

Okay so I am happy we had good result last weekend, and we are doing well in Europe. However the club needs to do something about our defence. Gallas is a good move in the right direction, and I think I speak on behalf of my fellow gunners when I saw I woud like to see more moves in this direction.

By the way, is it me or doesn't Adebayor bear a resemblance to Kanu?

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NaijaBloke said...

GO GUNNERS ..saw the match O

Dilch said...

HA, I saw the match, well the highlights, I also bought all the papers so I could bask in all the glowing comments. It was great, the boys did us proud and Adebayor scored, he had it in him, who knew. Yeah, he does look like Kanu by the way, its mentioned here all the time, well today in the guardian they called him kanu but with pace, i think kanu is like his hero or something, or so it says in wikipedia...
Anyways, sorry you missed it, but I hear the miami dolphins got beat this weekend, or haven't you gotten into the amerian version yet.... lol