03 October 2006

The Healthy I

How I wish my curent living arrangements could last forever! Going to work is such a joy, my office is 10-15 mins away depending on if I am strolling or doing a brisk walk. I feel so healthy already! Plus today I found a shortcut; cutting the distance I walk to work in half! I think Mapquest should add a pedestrian route panner to their application, would have discovered this route a lot earlier (24hrs!) Work is great, the project I will be working on is really cool, however its taking a while to get all my work tools, I hope I will be able to fully start work in another day or so. I am currently looking for a place to stay thats more appropriate, i.e. cheaper. I am actually looking for a furnished 1 bed apartment. I have been to see a couple of places but the suitable ones are not furnished and the furnished ones have undesirable attachments i.e. roomates!

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songreach said...

Glad all is working out. Hope you have a productive apartment hunting weekend.