24 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful and tired.

My first thanksgiving in the US was nice but as I had expected it to be tiring. We had guests so we did a lot of cooking. I managed to not blow my 'diet', although even if I wanted to eat 'orisirisi' as y'all know, food that I am involved with cooking 'smells' to me. I had often wondered at the origins of Thanksgiving, and I assumed it was like denim - a US creation. According to Wikipedia, 'Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is an annual one-day holiday to give thanks (traditionally to a God), for the things one has at the close of the harvest season'. This sounds very much like the New Yam festival celebrated in the east, and the Harvest Festivals held in the churches in Nigeria. I think I prefer the American version though, here thanksgiving is more about the individual and less about the church building fund!

So what am I most thankful for this year? I think it would be getting the liver to move here after many years of procastinating. I am thankful for my friends who have opened up their hearts and homes to me. I am also thankful for family.

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songreach said...

yeah, moving here and living so fearlessly. Your courage and tenacity reaches through....and I'm still waiting on yr reply to being my exercise blog buddy.