22 November 2006

On the march again

I am on the move again.

My contract in Houston has ended and once again I am on the move this time to sunny California. My contract was supposed to run till the end of November and I was really praying that my services would be retained. Alas. Not only did my project end way ahead of schedule, the company could not find further use for my services. I was a little miffed because I had made all my plans based on the premise that I would be employed till the end of November, where do I begin? At the beginning of course. Luckily I had never really relaxed with looking for work so I just got back in the swing of things. My job search this time was a lot more confident, afterall I now had some 'US' experience. Three weeks into my search, I got a call from some guy in California. He had actually sent me email about a week prior but I had not bothered to reply (I don't know why). I had apparently applied to his listing on Dice.com and he wanted to now if I go his email and if I was still looking. I lied about not having received the email (there really was no excuse for my tardiness) and yes I was still looking. We fixed a time for a phone interview for the following week and I promptly forgot about it, California is too far (from where?) and for a lot of reasons I would prefer to remain in Texas, preferrably Houston. Anyhow the day for the interview arrives, and courtesy of my trusty phone I was not taken by surprise. The interview went well and as we were rounding up, they asked if I had received an email from them. I promptly checked my email. Yes I had received the email, could I be so kind as to carry out the attached skill assessment test, I had an hour to complete it. I was suprised and a little flustered, I had made an appointment to meet with my trainer right after the interview which I had assumed would take an hour max, not 2. I had rescheduled the appointment with my trainer 3 times already and I really didn't want to have to call him yet again to reschedule. Plus I wasn't going to take no skills assessment test under 'duress'. I quickly voiced my concerns to the guy who was supposd to be conducting this test via phone. Okay why don't I go run my errands and let him have the test by 6 pm my time. Sounds good to me. I drop the phone and smile to myself, 3 months ago, I would not have been dictating terms with no recruiter, if he said jump I would have asked how high, how far I have come! I really wasn't feeling like doing no skill assessment test, I sha forced myself and managed to submit it and run all my errands (sweet) Imagine my surprise when the very next day I got an email requesting I come out to California for a second interview, all expenses paid. Why not, never been should be fun. They sent me my itinerary and I rushed off to the Internet to check out the lodgings, the quality of the lodgings would determine if I would be making a trip out or not.

We interrupt this narration to bring you an advert for the Shade Hotel

If ever you are in Manhattan Beach and need a nice boutique type hotel to relax try the Shade Hotel. The rooms are well appointed, the bathrooms luxurious, the staff are very nice the service is really personal and the food is good.

Narration continues below

Mind you this is my first face-to-face interview, AY (my half workout partner) had earlier told me that the best outfit to wear to an in-person interview is a navy blue skirt suit. Please do not ask me how she knows. I am a woman and I really don't need an excuse to shop. Kia off to the mall we go in search of the perfect suit which we found without incident. The plan was to arrive and interview on friday, spend the weekend and return sunday evening.

The interview went well, it started with lunch (Americans eat too much) then we went back to the office for the remainder of the interview. I really liked the people and the offices, I could see myself working with these people in these surroundings and enjoying it. Lets see if the price will be right. Finally at about 7 pm we wrap things up with a promise to get back to me with their decision either later that evening or first thing Monday. Finally I get to go check out my lodgings, the drive down was uneventful although I hated my rental car (a Ford Taurus) it felt like I was diving a fully loaded truck; non existent turning angle, 0-60 in like 300 mins, this car has done nothing to positively enhance my opinion of Amercian cars. The room lived up to and surpassed my expectations. I had just finished tipping the bellhop when my phone rang, yes they wanted to offer me the job, the compensation however was not very attractive. Thankfully I had the whole weekend to think about it. I put all money matters from my mind and proceeded to enjoy the weekend. Manhattan Beach is a lovely place and by Sunday as I drove to the airport, I could see myself living there driving a BMW/Lexus/Mercedes. Sunday came by too soon and although I enjoyed myself I found I missed my peeps in Houston. Monday rolls by and I politely decline their offer, they ask me to make a counter offer which I did after some polite haggling we agree on compensation and here I am, once again preparing to move.


Ore said...

Congrats, Funke! Things are working really well for you. I'm sure you are thinking "Yes, finally."

I really like California and am sure you will really enjoy living there. Where is Manhattan Beach? Is that near LA? When do you move?

I would love to visit, ahem, one day (hint, hint).

BabaAlaye said...

Good luck girl.
I'm so happy for you.

songreach said...


Pilgrimage to Self said...

*clap, clap, clap* Oh, I'm so proud of you!! Sorry for sounding like a mother :-), but I can't help it. Look how much you have achieved in such a short space of time. Doesn't your mind feel 'free' like you can do anything you set your mind to? This is something, in my opinion, that Nigeria surpresses in people (especially the young) the freedom to believe that anything is possible, that there is MORE out there in the world to discover and explore. I am really, really happy for you. And look at you, already speaking the Americana speak. Hope you haven't starting faking an accent though as many of our broda's and sista's do after just a couple of months! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!! i love the fact that you straight up had them eating out of your hand! Congrats on the new job!!!!!!!!!!

adefunke said...

Thanks you guys, I am really happy and thankful for all the favour I have enjoyed.

@ PTS - But you are a mother! On the accent thing, the other day my friend was making fun of me saying I sound so Nigerian on the phone. I am like hello I am Nigerian. Eventually the phone will creep in, but I agree with you, faking it is really annoying.

Errata said...

sup, congrats, !!
felt like i was reading pages from my daily existence as I too have been declining offers left n right and within a short blip of officially being in business. Good luck with all.. only gets better going forward!!

I too easily see you in your Euro-high end spec as i already acquired mine, with more to come!! YAY! lol

didi said...

congrats girl.i ve followed ur journey from nigeria and cant help thinking that things r moving fast for u.

NaijaBloke said...

Congrats on the new job!!!