22 December 2006

Where art thou?

I am upset, I spent the whole of last night trying to find the 'A Matter of Fact' album by Vertical Hold. Specificaly I was dying to listen to 'Seems you are much to busy'. I have checked everywhere, iTunes didn't now who they were, neither did Walmart or BMGMusic, though Walmart and iTunes had stuff from M People. I wasn't really expecting a match on BMGMusic ( a Sony Music company) because Vertical Hold was signed to A&M Records and their latest album was released in 1995. I don't know if A&M Records has a 'BMGMusic' thing going on, anyone? Finally a match on MusicMatch and AOL Music unfortunately both of them did not have the album nor the songs available for download (bummer!) I was especially annoyed with AOL Music. The way they displayed their search results, one would have thought that once you sign up for AOL Music Now, you would be able to atleast play the song if not buy/download it. Although Yahoo! Music also had a match for Vertical Hold I could neither buy/download or listen to it. The best they did was offer links to user stations who had rated the artist. After streaming music (good music I must add) for like 3 hrs I had to give up. Amazon and Ebay had used copies of the cd for sale and I will probably be going that route once I move in January. Gosh I could just scream, the more this album eludes me the more intense my desire to get it!


NaijaBloke said...

Thx a bunch for ur advise .. I actually have a site I always use ..www.indeed.com and I tried ur site as well.What they r offering is actually a lil' over what the sites gave me,but I just told the HR lady that I need them to raise it a lil and she said she will call me back ..so will wait and see what happens..

Merry Xmas and Happy new yr in advance

Anonymous said...

Angie Stone is my favorite artist and I actually bought the Vertical Hold CD "A Matter of Time" last year. I can make you a copy and I actually think its one of her better CDs. She has a cover of the Isley brother's Don't Say Goodnight on the cd, It gives me chills whenever I listen yo it. Its a really great album. I can make you a copy if you want, just send me an email @ maxs_mistress69@yahoo.com with Angie Stone in the subject line. My name is Ola.