22 January 2007

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester Utd

Yes o yes o, yes o!!!!!

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mochafella said...

You know it will be the Gunner's fault if Chelsea wins the league again.

adefunke said...

@ Mochafella - How do you figure that?

mochafella said...

If the results from tbe two Arsenal games were reversed a 12pt lead opens up, even Chelsea will give up the chase. At this point a few fluke results in March and we'll be forced to watch another "blue" parade thru London. And I would feel the same way if Arsenal were leading and ManU beat them. Anybody but Chelsea for this season.

ajiifixing said...

Why the 'Player-hating'?. Must you and Arsenal gang up against other teams to beat Chelsea?. It shows Chelsea is really kicking some butts worldwide and only one team cannot hold them down. Please tell each of the to get their acts together and play soccer. Chelsea is good-Take that. The colour of football still remains ----B-L-U-E.