08 February 2007

Music Playlists

I was mucking around with my IPod and iTunes the other day and noticed that iTunes actually keeps a record of how many times you play a song either via IPod or iTunes. Why? I wonder. The only reason I can think of is perhaps this information will help 'people' at iTunes have an idea of what kind of music you like and then be able to make more appealing music selections to you. Hang on, iTunes doesn't have a music club abi? You know which music club I know which would really benefit from this kind of information? bmgmusic.com. When I joined I was required to select my favorite music category and I picked R&B so I guess its my fault when I keep getting some undesirable selections. But seriously who listens to music in one category? I think you can also select other music categories you are interested in and then you rank them but who has time to be doing all of that, the (percivied) way iTunes is going about it is so much better if a little intrusive. If bmg had taken a peek at what I have been listening to in the past month or so, they would never have offered me Beyonce's 'b'day' album. Yeye people I got the email about the featured selection and promptly declined the offer. They now had the effontry to send it out anyway! If they had mistakenly sent out some other artist perhaps I wouldn't have been so upset (I would have sent it back though). Please don't get me wrong, I think she has a good voice and by all accounts is a great on-stage performer (not actress) I am actually planning to shell out a whole 99cents for her song 'irreplaceable' (although I am beginning to get sick of it I hear that song at least twice on the radio everyday.) however will I shell out a whole $18+ for her album including the plastic case and liner notes? No! Looking at the top 10 played songs on my iTunes, God help whoever will be trying to categorize my taste in music.
  • How to save a life - The Fray (I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it on Grey's Anatomy. No day seems complete if I don't listen to it)
  • Bring me to life - Evanescence (I secretly have visons of 'performing' this song at a karaoke bar!)
  • Makeda - Les Nubians (I heard this song for the first time while I was in uni and recently got the chance to the rip the album from a friend)
  • Gonna make you sweat (everybody dance now) - C+C Music Factory (Gym staple, I like to think this song is the reason why I can last a minute on the elliptical machine :-))
  • Like a star - Corinne Bailey Rae (I just like Corinne, her sound seems so unspoiled and pure)
  • If you really want to know - Marc Dorsey
  • Take your time (Do it right) - S.O.S Band (I have some fond memories of dancing to S.O.S Band hits in JSS1)
  • Nothing at all - Sanata feat. Musiq (L-O-V-E guitars and the oh so sexy guys who play them, I am suprised this song made the top 10 and not 'Game of love')
  • Wish I didn't miss you - Angie Stone (I recently had a huge longing to listen to 'Seems you're much to busy' I listened to this song furiously during that period)
  • Coming out of the dark - Gloria Estefan (I like the lyrics to this song)


Frances said...

well, i'd say that's a playlist that effectively shows off the owner's correct euro-naija sensibilities ;-)

p.s you can feel not so bad about liking 'irreplaceable' when you remind yourself that miss bee didn't write it, ne-yo did.

Frances Uku said...

may i also say that i am not a fan of this new version of blogger as far as comment-leaving is concerned. grrr.

adefunke said...

is that so? I just read a review of her album and I must say I agree with the reviewer about the general theme of the album, i.e. wronged woman who is in control 'cos she has money. I think its the theme that I really don't fancy and I must say it seems to be a recurring theme in all her music.

Robert Christgau on Beyoncé's latest

adefunke said...

@ frances - nne why?

Frances Uku said...

ah ah, abi o gbo igbo? ;-)

my current beef with blogger is that for some odd reason, when i comment on certain blogs, i am listed as 'frances' by default (which links to an invalid mystery profile) instead of 'frances uku', which tells you say na me.