01 February 2007

Customer is King II

So I get home on Monday and all the appropriate lights on the cable modem are blinking. The technician had thoughtfully provided extra cable so I could move the modem out of my closet and into the living room. Well I was one step ahead of him I had stopped at Fry's on my way home and bought a wireless router. I quickly power up my computer and open up my browser. It never felt so good seeing the MSN homepage. Yes! I quickly go about setting up the router (easypeasy) in about 10 mins I was sitting at my borrowed kitchen table watching TV and eating a bitter tasting salad (I really need to join Sam's Club I know their Romaine lettuce tastes much better than this). Perhaps I don't need to write no complaint letter I muse as I simultaneously say a little prayer that my dinner would miraculesly dissappear from my plate I know I could just trash it but I am just funny like that.

Two days later I am stuck at home (my car battery died its a long story) and I am trying to vpn into my office network so I can get some work done na so my connection just dey break anyhow shuo? I then went to the Vonage site to test my connection. Na vex I take call TWC imagine! This people sold me the 6Mbps Upload, 786Kbps Download package. The readings I got of the Vonage site did not even come close to that. The woman I spoke with was like there must be a problem (you got that right) yada yada yada, if I don't mind holding she would connect me to the technical department. Hell no! This no be weekend, I no get 200 mins to just burn like that on my cell phone na im I drop phone. For real now I am seriously looking for an alternative service provider. Then the guy the dealer sent out to jump my car arrives and I have to go attend to that and then I took the car in to get the battery changed. I got back like an hour later and I check my mailbox, yeye TWC don send me bill and of all things to be billing me for installation!!! Installation wey una never do finish? Meanwhile when I signed up I was told installation was free. Now dem don gone and did it, I was hopping mad! I stomped up to my apartment and prepared to call TWC to give them an uncensored piece of my mind. As if on cue my phone rang it was someone from TWC requesting service assessment. I was very encouraged na im de flood gates collapse and my 'assessment' flowed eloquently out of my mouth. She asked me to rate the technician I gave him/her 0 (for messing up the instal) she asked me to rate the sales person, I gave her 0 (for messing up my order and making me wait a whole month okay 3 weeks for cable) she asked me to rate the quality of my Internet service , once again 0 it seems the company overpromised and underdelivered. We will certainly look into this case she said as she dropped the phone. Na una sabi at this rate na my brake light una go dey look. I had dropped the phone before I remembered the bill. I will wait till the weekend and call them about that right now I have research to do.

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