05 March 2007


Over the weekend I received a link via IM from a friend. I recognised the name as that of a guy I had gone to school with. I clicked on the link and nothing could have preped me for what I was to find there. Here was this young man from a good home professing to not only be a 419 scammer but also a gay male escort with a preference for transsexuals! I was just shocked to realize that by reading that profile I had in that instance become the acquaintance of a 419 scammer who was a gay male escort with a preference for transsexuals! I didn’t even think the 6 degrees theory would relate me to one! As if this was not bad enough there were pictures, full frontal and 'sidal' nudity erasing all doubt that I had somehow managed to read the whole thing worng! Is this some sick joke played by his friends? A scorned lover (female or male) out for revenge? A young man coming 'out of the closet'? I proceeded to read the sole post on the blog. The more I read, the closer I came to the conclusion that some one/people really had it in for this man. But how did they get such incriminating pictures? Which brings me to a question I always ask when another celebrity sex tape gets released - Why take naked pictures of yourself (copulating with another human being, doing a hand job, stepping out of the shower, striking a Superman pose, whatever?) Why make a sex tape and be so careless with it that your biggest opening at the box office would have to be financed by you? If you must take pictures of yourself in the nude goofing around ala Superman or make a video of yourself making whoopy, the next thing to do is fly to Switzerland and entrust such pictures/tapes to a Swiss banker. I am thinking our 'stud muffin' here probably posed for these pictures and his scorned lover decided to post them online. What a grudge!

Speaking of home videos/pictures that 'kobalise' I caught a report on TV this morning about two teenage boys in Fort Worth Texas who decided to teach their 2 year old and a 5 year old nephews how to smoke pot and had the genius to catch this apparent coming of age ritual on tape! The police found the tape while searing their house on a warrant for suspected robbery.

In situations such as these, two heads are better than one so I buzz another friend and after much discussion we arrived at the conclusion that the guy was the victim of '19' hunters. My friend had heard and seen things that made him believe our stud here was actually into 419, apparently after graduation from UI this guy came back like 2 months later to say hi to his peeps driving a very correct Mercedes Benz. This doesn't say much I mean it could belong to his parents, brother, sister, sister’s sugar daddy etc. The fact that this same guy was always seen in the company of known '19' boys in the Gbagada area made the source of the financing of the car and his status generally suspicious. As we talked I decided to Google the guy and the first link was to this blog! That kinda blows a hole in any attempt he tries to make to get legit work in this part of the world, a startling amount of employers actually Google prospective employees and unless this guy does facial reconstruction he really can't talk his way out of this one. (Out of curiosity I Googled myself too, was glad to find that all references to me were in ASP and ASP.NET forums asking/answering work related questions I am thinking that’s a good thing from an employers point of view) I then found links to other sites online dedicated to 'outing' '19' scammers. I found pictures of other '19' people in various compromising positions much like what I had seen on our studs blog which quickly threw my jilted/scorned lover theory out the window. Then my friend tells me that there a people who actually hunt this '19' boys down and out them. In Dateline NBC style they ask then to do specific things, e.g pose in the nude on 3rd Mainland Bridge with your erect member facing Ketu! I don't know if I was a guy I would be able to sustain an erection butt naked on 3rd Mainland bridge but hey I guess the thought of all the money that will soon be in their possession is more of a turn than I will ever know! Our stud muffin said on his blog he drove 10 hrs to and from a rendezvous with a bisexual man, his wife and their gay friend all for a fee of 7,000 Euros. Apparently the naked pix he took were for an application for an escort service and of course they needed to see what he had to offer. I am thinking the latest hot scam is to con gay men/women. One of the ‘19’ scammers outing websites featured a guy I knew very well from UI. (fashi 6 degrees!). This one was really pathetic because not only did they publish his picture, home address and international passport information page, they also dragged his wife into it pictures and all! Of course they had a sensational story as well which only helped me join the dots! Imagine there I was some 7 yrs ago thinking the guy was a hard working effico entrepreneur meanwhile he just had everyone so fooled. I guess the revelations of the weekend brought home to me a startling truth; 19 scammers are not some guys far removed from us, we know them, work with them, went to school with them and we really are sitting ducks, busy believing they are the thieves without when in reality they are the angels within.


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share the link or links girl!!

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you're so correct,they are the same people we yapped other '19'ers with in college. this post takes me back to some dude I went to undergrad with and I hear he's dropped the kpali for the fast lane to riches.He didn't get a job like 8 mths after nysc.Talk abt desperate measures.