20 March 2007

P&G wins $19.25 million in Satanism suit

I remember hearing the whole P&G, Satanism thing in back in QC.

P&G wins $19.25 million in Satanism suit msnbc.com


Frances Uku said...

LOL! way to take it back in the day girl, i remember that whole mess too. didn't realize you went to QC though - i won't date either of us by asking what year, but i am curious! ;-)

adefunke said...

are u a QC OG?


Wow, I also heard about this back in QC. How weird. But, my friends from jamaica heard about this rumor as well. I heard, at the time, that a percentage of every item purchased went towards the Church of Satan.

Oh well, I haven't purchased a P&G item since then - years ago. At least not knowingly. Don't know if I will be able to change my ways. I wonder how much money P&G claims to have lost over the years on account of the rumors.

Calabar Gal said...

I remember the rumour way beack in 1990 when I was in high school. I remember us conciously staying away from buying palm olive soap amongst other products then cos they were P & G products.
Although I must say that after some years, I went back to buying their products and dismissed the satanism thingy as 'brainwahing of christians'