12 March 2007

Yar'Adua Blames Opposition for Death Rumour

At this time I think we should all be paying close attention to Yar'Adua's running mate the man with the two first names - Dr Jonathan Goodluck (abi na Goodluck Jonathan!?). Make we no be like the Trojans, as I dey look am so e be like say na him we go dey vote for come election day!

Yar'Adua Blames Opposition for Death Rumour allafrica.com


Anonymous said...

May or may not be the opposition spreading rumours, who knows. But given that the nation is aware of his health problems you can't really blame people for worrying.

Interestingly though, Yar'adua recently launched a web site that allows ordinary Nigerians to post comments about issues and send him emails. It's still new but I haven't seen any posts about his health there though. People seem more interested in real issues that impact their lives. Or maybe enough people don't know about it yet.

adefunke said...

Thanks for the link