04 April 2007

It is well ... Update


Today is the 4th day of the rest of my life sans lint, I am lint free, yipeeee!!!!!

My first conscious encounter with lint was like 10 yrs ago; I had a dark sweater which I couldn't wear as much as I wanted because it always seemed to be covered in fibers. No matter how much I washed it I could never get them off. I forked over the money to get it dry cleaned and although it came back sans the dreaded fibers it started picking them up again the minute I took it out of the plastic sheath. Then Princess unearthed a lint brush she bought in the 70's (I inherited my pack rat tendencies from her obviously) which made the whole situation manageable although I didn't get as much wear as I would have liked out of that particular sweater, all that brushing combined with the weekly yam pounding sessions (Princess is Ijesa) where making my biceps very prominent! From that time on, it seemed I was plagued by lint.

The predominant color in my wardrobe is blue. I would prefer it were black. I like the color black for clothing (like most women) because it makes me appear svelte. This is a key characteristic especially with all the cottage cheese I have to disguise. Also like any woman worthy of the name I take pride in being well turned out. My desire to always strive to look my best, coupled with my lint situation ensured I didn't own as many black items of clothing as I would have liked. Now the issue was not just overdeveloping my biceps, it was also time. Recall I am living in Lagos on the mainland working in Lagos Island. In order to beat traffic I need to be out of my house at the latest 5:45 am. Considering the fact that I didn't get home till like 10 pm the day before and I can't function with less than 8 hrs sleep, I really can't sacrifice the 30 mins to be de-linting my clothes.

Imagine my horror when I moved here and not only did I have a lint issue with my black items of clothing, I had a lint issue with every item of clothing I owned! The situation grew increasingly worse with each new item of clothing I purchased culminating in me going through one lint brush a week. I expressed my concerns to a friend who suggested perhaps my apartment needed airing out. I vacuumed religiously, dusted furiously, and nearly died of frostbite on evening when forgot to close my windows. As I huddled next to the oven, trying to thaw out I thought there must be an easier way. I started looking closely at peoples clothes when I went out. No one seemed to be having the issue I had. They can't all be brushing their clothes all the time I determined, there must be something they are doing that I am not. Then last week I was watching TV and caught the ad for Bounce. Fabric softener! So that’s what it is for! Could this be it, the end to my anguish? Would I be able to once again wear my black khakis, the ones that make my legs look longer and slimmer than they actually are and flatters my high bum? I almost could not wait for the weekend to arrive. I bought Bounce (fragrance free of course) on Saturday and proceeded to launder everything I owned. It was so well worth the $4 for the Bounce and the sack of quarters I could see the difference the minute I opened the dryer door. As I inspected each item I almost wept with joy. Finally! Its sooooo good to be free of lint!


Ore said...

Please don't tell me this is the yeye thing that you had me worried about. I even sent you a text this morning just to check that you were okay. Someone must be having a good laugh right about now...

SongReach said...

ok..I think I'm missing something here...ere ni abi iro? You deserve some otori right now! geez..lol

adefunke said...

@ Ore - Really, u sent me a text? I haven't received it!