04 May 2007

Solidarity, my eyes on the line

When I moved to LA I had a list of things to do. Of course the first thing on my list was get an apartment then a car etc. In March, the next item on my to-do list was to get my eyes tested and get a proper prescription. In Nija I had been told I was short-sighted and slightly astigmatic. But to what degree was I a combination of both? Apparently it was for the optician to know and for me to return every year for a checkup and fork over N X for new lenses and N Y for new frames and N Z in service charges. My search for an optician/optometrist in my area returned several doctors including one I identified as Nigerian from her name. Solidarity forever! I immediately called her office to make an appointment. I got the answering machine telling me the clinic was only open Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays by appointment only. I had called on a Wednesday and made a note to call on Thursday. Many calls later Thursday evening and I still could not get a human to pick up the phone. A well, Tuesday is another day. Come Tuesday, same thing, machine no human. I decided to leave a voice message. Thursday is yet another day. Two months and several voice messages later, nothing. I started getting headaches over the past weekend; you know the type in the front of the head around the eyes. Tuesday I tried the lady’s office again, no show Thursday the same thing. Patriotism/solidarity is threatening to kill me slowly and painfully by headache. I run another search on my insurance website and pick the first optician that comes up (she is Chinese). I call the office and on the first ring a female picks up all bright and cheery. ‘I am new in the area and would like to make an appointment to see the doctor?’ ‘Sure may I have your name and provider please?’ Five minutes later I am all set with an appointment first thing Monday morning my cache of Panadol should tide me over the weekend.


Morountodun said...

Well done for your patriotic attempts. Over here I now a few Nigerians who have sworn never to do business with other Nigerians due to bad customer service (not fraud!). So if we don't business with each other how are we expected to advance?

adefunke said...

@ Morountodun - Especially seeing that we are in an enironment where customer is king abi?


That's sad that she couldn't get to you and set up an appt. I, fortunately, have not had bad experiences with Nigerian entrepreneurs in my area and na we Nija ey boku for here (Bowie, MD).

Better luck next time.

Olawunmi said...

good on you on both counts. i appreciate your attempt to "keep charity at home"; it was very admirable.

and then i respect the fact that you went somewhere else as soon as your patience reached its end. thats how we should live, we patronise our own, but we do not hesistate to kick them to the curb if they fail to live up to expectations/acceptable standards. if they want to keep our business, they need to up their game, or starve. end of.

hope your eyes are better o. i couldn't help but smile at your priorities, but that is the reality of life; you need a place to lay your head, and a means to get to your ibi-ise.

take care o. and yes, Man United Rule.