08 August 2007


I was beginning to think I was loosing my 'edge'

Finally someone hit on me at the gym and just when I am finally seeing the results I have been waiting for! There I was jejely doing my cardio in my Technotronic (Pump up the Jam) induced zone and all. I thought I saw this guy saying hello ... I wasn't wearing my glasses, he could have been (or not) saying anything to anybody. I hit the 25 min mark and I am now psyching myself to finish the last 12 min when I notice the same guy in different clothes walking towards the elliptical machine and I am thinking 'oyinbo funny sha, this guy has different clothes for different exercises in the gym, he must not mind doing laundry' imagine my brief shock and long lasting pleasure when he drops his business card in front of me on the elliptical machine he had written the following note on the back:

Hi My Name Is Mark I Think You Are A Very Beautiful LADY If You Are Single and would Like To go out for Dinner Please Give Me a Call 123-456-7890 OR 234-567-8901 MARK

This is not a bad looking guy, he doesn't look young (as in early to mid 30's) but with oyinbo's I find it hard to tell (my oga at work is only 30 and I could have sworn he was like 35-36). I am however suspicious of anyone who can manage to write such a long sentence without at least 1 comma, and in sentence case no less; what will conversation be like? I will be the first to admit though had he worked for BMW as opposed to Mercedes-Benz all this wouldn't matter a hoot!


mochafella said...

*Cough*, no more Raphael? I see you, dumping "Rafa Deli" for "Mark Benz".


hahaha! This was a funny post.

" I am however suspicious of anyone who can manage to write such a long sentence without at least 1 comma..."

Okay, sakara babe! Just tell us if you called the bobo or not now. Haba.

Desperately waiting for the conclusion of this sweet gist!

Onada said...

lol did you call?

adefunke said...

@Mochafella - Who said anything about dumping?
@solomonsydelle & Onada - Na, the guy has served his purpose i.e. make me feel good about myself.


awww...no fair. You are a meanie....