24 September 2007

Arsenal 5 - 0 Derby

Vassiriki Diaby (10)
Emmanuel Adebayor (25)
Emmanuel Adebayor (pen 50)
Francesc Fabregas (70)
Emmanuel Adebayor (79)

Coming off Derby's 1 - 0 win against Newcastle, I didn't want to take this game for granted, last season especially we had a very worrisome record against the smaller under-rated teams, sharing points unnecessarily and at times even dashing the points out all together. I needn't have bothered. I was up bright and early to watch the game and my boys no dissappoint me at all.

D - Guns blazing, we opened scoring in the 10th minute with Diaby's rising drive from the edge of the penalty area, a feat he almost repeated a couple of minutes later but for the Derby keeper who denied him.

E - Adebayor made it 2 in the 25th minute, with a pass from Cesc he parted the defence, skipped around the keeper and of course your fathers relative is Bob!

R - 4 mins into the 2nd half, as if dem never suffer reach, we got a penalty off of Oakley pulling Eduardo down in the box. Yes Adebayor stepped up and yes he scored. At this point I was very happy I had called a 3-0 win and I felt it was only good that I also get my 3 pts in my mini-league on FaceBook abi how una see am?

B- Just as I was thinking 'any minute now Arsene will be making his first change of the game', Cesc made a correct drive from 20 yards. I was not even upset that Cesc stole my 3 pts from me. Then it occured to me, this is a good match for a spelling lesson ...

y - 80 mins into the game, Adebayor chested down a long ball, shoke off his marker and stroked in the ball. The young man scored his first hat-trick for Arsenal.

We are still sitting pretty at the top of the table, 2 points ahead of Man U (who inched up after an interesting win over Chelsea) and with a game in hand! We play Newcastle on Tuesday in the Carling Cup which should be fun, then we play West Ham away on Saturday in the PL.

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