03 October 2007

Steaua Bucuresti 0 - 1 Arsenal

Does anyone know how these cable channels decide which matches to show? Espn is yet to show an Arsenal game in the current CL champaign! Well thats not exactly true, they did show our first game albeit delayed on ESPN Deportes ... is there somebody I can petition so I can watch more Arsenal games legitimately?

From all reports we played okay, the most important thing being we secured the 3 pts at stake. This seems to me to be our biggest achievement this season thus far, getting the result. I am happy.

I saw the second half of the ManU vs Roma game. Of course Roma was determined to not succumb to another 6-1 routing, while ManU were determined for a repeat performance. They eventually succeeded in securing the 3 pts at stake in the 70th minute with a really good strike from Rooney.

I was on the phone with Princess on Saturday after the Arsenal match. She asked what I had been up to and I was like I watched the game, we won etc etc. 'O which reminds me' she says, 'I have been seeing boys hawking football club stickers, I want to buy Arsenal sticker for my car.' Why? I asked, 'To support the team I know you love and also to remember you' How sweet! I am thinking and I actually begin to blush when it occurs to me, you mean there is a time in the day when this woman is not thinking about me? You mean she actually needs something to jog her memory!?

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ababoypart2 said...

I followed the game on ITV4. I thought we were pretty comfortable. There were a few scares at the start, but nothing major. This team looks set for great things.