30 December 2007

My Chistmas Present

Aren't they cute, my toe warmers? I opened my door late yesterday afternoon to find two packages; one from adorama.com (yipee my memory cards have arrived) the other gaily wrapped and soft. Who could it be from, no stamps so its from someone within my building ... You guessed it, its from my neighbor of the Valentines Day chocolates fame. Did I mention that he also gave me chocolates at Easter? Yup he did, they are still on my refrigerator, I keep forgetting to throw them out. Anyways I tried them on (wearing socks with individual toes takes some getting used to) and I fell in love. For a person like me whose extremities are always freezing I couldn't have received a more thoughtful gift, thanks Bruce.


Helen Oster said...

I'm happy to hear that you received your memory cards time for your special event. We really make an effort at Adorama Camera to put customer satisfaction first, and we generally succeed. But it feels good to have someone notice. So thanks!

I'm also glad to hear that you are recommending us on your blog and hope that you plan to do business with us again in the future. We look forward to helping you with all of your photographic equipment needs.

Helen Oster
Customer Service Ambassador

adefunke said...

Yeah I do plan to do business with you guys in the future, as long as your prices remain competitive.

webround said...

hmmmm, i'm on the East Coast and have been fighting the cold. maybe i need something like that too...