01 July 2008

Moin-Moin Recipe

'Equipment' list


Plastic Bowl
Plastic Colander
Measuring Cup
Wooden Spoon
Cooking Spoon
Cooking Foil
Baking Dish

Ingredient List

1 Cup Black Eyed Beans (not the group!)

1/2 Medium Red Bell Pepper
1/3 Medium Onion
1 Habanero Pepper
3 Hard Boiled Eggs*
1 Medium Mackerel*
1 1/2 Spoons of Oil
Knorr Cubes (or your preferred seasoning cube)
Salt to taste

*You can substitute corned beef, liver, stock fish, etc

Preparation Time - 1 Hr

Cooking Time - 45mins to 1Hr

1. Boil the eggs (it takes 15 mins to hard boil eggs) and cook the fish. The fish should take like 10 - 15 mins to boil. I usually boil with chopped onions and salt. Set aside to cool.

2. Soak the beans in cold water for about 5 mins, put the kettle on to boil.

3. Put half of the soaked beans in the blender cup, cover with water. If your blender has a pulse button blend the beans on pulse 5-10 times for like 10 secs each pulse. If not you are a sharp person, figure it out.

4. Empty contents of blender cup into plastic bowl, use more water if needed to get everything in the cup into the plastic bowl.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other half of the soaked beans.
6. Place your colander in clean sink, fill bowl with beans mixture with water. Pour water through colander. Notice that the skin of the beans ends up in the colander while your 'naked' beans are in the bottom of the bowl in your hand. Repeat till all the skin is in the colander. Notice that you have some 'naked' beans in the colander. Many a house girl has chopped slaps etc for throwing away the skin in the colander without picking out the good beans. Do whatever you like though, this is your show.

7. Notice also that there are some 'clothed' beans in the bowl. Pick them out, you can manually remove the skin by rubbing the seed between you fingers. Again many a house girl ...

8. Once you have picked the beans clean, divide it into two parts, add the habanero, bell pepper and onion. Grind the beans with just enough water to avoid blowing the motor on your grinder. The thicker you grind the beans, the more likely you are to get a nice smooth paste. Set aside the beans paste in the fridge.

9. Chop eggs up into quarters, debone the fish. Turn on the oven, gas mark 350 degrees.

10. Melt your seasoning cubes in a bowl by adding a bit of the boiling water. Mix throughly with a spoon. Add the mixture to the beans paste (which you have of course retrieved from the fridge). Add the oil and mix throughly. Add salt to taste. Your mixture should not be too thick nor to watery. I usually don't need to add water to my mixture apart from what I added during the grinding process. If you think your mixture is too thick you can water or fish stock (from the mackerel you boiled earlier)

You know how when your mum would make moinmoin and none of all the egg/fish/corned beef she added would end up in that particular wrap you where served? Found a solution to that annoying issue.

11. Pour mixture into baking dish. With your fingers crumble the fish onto the mixture, covering the total surface evenly. Use your spoon to fold in the fish. Place the egg quarters in the beans mixture as well.

12. Cover the baking pan with cooking foil and place in the preheated oven.
Moin-Moin is ready when mixture is set and firm to the touch.

13. Remove moin-moin from the oven and leave to 'breath' for like 30 mins. Serve with ice cold garri, enjoy.


Frances Uku said...

ehn! egbon you berra send this to our joint egbon at kachifo and get yourself a book deal ;-)

Ore said...

Is this a new post from you? Amazing!! So, this is one of the things you get up to in your down time.

SongReach said...

what's that chilled mixture in the last pix? i second Frances Uku.

adefunke said...

@Frances, ehen? U think?

@Ore, Yes o, U know now, say I be gollee

@Songreach, Na garri o!

ababoypart2 said...

Will try this out. I am 'pant' when it comes to cooking, but I am pretty sure this recipe (with pictures) will work!

Donny said...

Adefunke, thank you very much for this recipe, I am very happy that found this blogg, I am bulgarian, my name is Donika but my beloved husband is nigerian (igbo). He loves european food but sometimes remembers african food also, I love to eat most of the african food but I dont know how to prepare it and I would like to make my husband happy and surprise him with some african food too(thank God I am pretty good in cooking europen food and he is satisfied, otherwise I dont know what I would've do). My dear, may I ask you to help me to learn preparing african food, as I can see you are doing so well with it. I will be very thankful and grateful if you agree to do so. May God bless you.

Donny said...

Sorry, I forgot to give you my email. Here it is: imeela@gmail.com

ababoypart2 said...

Just passing by

lala said...

Wow, you make it so convenient, I had to show my fiance. So easy! Now I can go back to enjoying moi-moi. Starting ... now :)

Akin said...

Hello Adefunke,

I am using your recipe, though I think one part is missing, that is the temperature of the oven - I would be doing 175 degrees for 30 minutes.

I found already peeled but dry beans in our shops, you probably have to soak the stuff for about 4 hours or more to get the right volume before blending.

Just about to put in the eggs and let the oven do the rest.

I can't wait to have my moin-moin, besides, I small bag is enough for 2 separate recipes, so trials today and more tomorrow.

Thanks, I let you know how I got on.



Anonymous said...

finally someone who can teach my how to cook not that i cant but as in with this one that u have neatly typed out everything i can try and to cook it soon..thank u

Joohls said...

wow great recipe! i was just about to buy some ramekins mor my moin moin when i saw u could use a casserole dish which i already have. applause applause applause! u deserve a nobel prize for saving me the extra quid and legwork!

Bennie Efemena Ben-Iriri said...

Beautiful concept...Continue the good work funke

Rebirth said...

been looking for how to peel the beans without soaking overnight....thanks for this

Inside said...

InsideLagos likes... Nigerians representing wherever they are in the world. Rock on sis....

Anonymous said...

Wallahi this the best process of making moi moi have seen on the net so far. Especially how you remove the bean coat and baking it in the oven. Been surfing on the net how to cook in the US since i dont know what to use as the base. God bless you. Will MOS DEF try this method.

Anonymous said...

Will baking it not make it dry? Some said water is used to give it moisture.

adefunke said...

Not in my experience. As long as you cover it as it cooks and you have your oven set to the right temperature you should be fine.

Ada Adiukwu said...

please Adefunke what is the right temperature? 350F or 375F?

adefunke said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe and the process of cooking moin moin using the oven. Just what I was looking for.