13 February 2006

One small Frey

This is very good example of why you should do stuff because you want to do them, not because someone thinks it’s a good idea. And when taking advice/recommendations, etc from anybody, remember they are human like you – prone to making errors. That said I first read about the ‘million little pieces’ wahala in Time magazine. I read Oprah’s argument for supporting James even though it was obvious the guy had embellished, and I thought she could do better i.e. admit she was duped, and move on. She eventually did this, I saw clips of James’ second appearance on Oprah on YouTube.com and what can I tell you, I wouldn’t want to be in Oprah’s bad books!

Oprah is a sharp woman, so I find it hard to believe that her initial reaction when smokinggun.com blew the whistle was to hold on to the ‘chord’ the book struck with her, and the lessons to be learned. The lesson to be learned was no longer the issue in my opinion; rather the scale of duplicity was, given that the lesson or the gravity of it is really hinged on the status of the work in question. I know no one person knows everything, and for a person in her position it would be a little difficult to be reminded of that fact especially in the way and manner this happened. I am happy to see she finally managed to get over that and admit she was duped; eating ‘Humble Pie’ is not easy (or palatable) I guess, but it does wonders for your

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