13 February 2006

Pizza, SNL and Vegetable Soup

Woke up way too early on Saturday, did laundry, read my backlog of Time and Newsweek. Thinking of getting pizza when Egg called, wanting to know if I was available to be played with. I guess he is just respecting himself and me when he asks that question, but that doesn't stop the question sounding 'one kind'. Yes I am available so its off to St Elmo's Opebi for a large meaty deluxe. Since his houseboy had cooked beans for dinner, he also got chicken (!!!) and chips.

I don't have DSTV, but if I did Saturday night would be favorite night you know why? The have re-runs of the follwoing shows scheduled for Saturday night on the series channel - 'The Simpson’s', 'Spin City', 'Cheers', 'Frasier', 'Seinfeld', 'Everyone loves Raymond', and my favorite 'Saturday Night Live'! As usual in his area, PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria, aka NEPA, NEP PLC) are 'holding' on to power. After much drama (between him and his houseboy), the generator came on. The 'L Word' is on series so I watch this Jennifer Aniston movie where she is pregnant by her insensitive boyfriend and in love with her gay roommate (only Jennifer Aniston!). Finally my block of favorites starts! Egg isn't a fan of my block of shows; he says he can't see what’s funny here (!!!). So he is griping about his house boy, you know the usual stuff, won't follow instructions, can't use his initiative (hello if he could he wouldn't be your houseboy!), made beans didn't fry plantains to go with it (this implies that if fried plantain where available he would have eaten the beans at 10 pm! I am marveling at his stomach constitution!), etc. He then asks if I will come by Saturday and make 'Efo Riro' (vegetable soup) for him (!!!) I really couldn't resist; 'I can't cook' I deadpanned. He is like can't or won't, I am like can't. He goes how do I intend to look after him, I am like why would I be looking after you, he rephrases the question – how do I intend to take care of my family if I can’t cook. I am like I can make eggs and I have the handle on making Indomie Noodles, my kids won’t starve. He takes a deep breath then asks ‘so what do you intend to bring to a relationship?’ I reply ‘I speak good English, I have a job and I have no baggage (struggling relatives, baby, etc). He looks at me and then it occurs to him, ‘I know you can cook, you are just messing with me’ and he changes the subject. I can see the cogs churning away in his brain; I really need to call my flatmate to cover for me because I am sure he will call her or her boyfriend to confirm my story!


Ore said...

Girl, this gets worse! First off, he doesn't like Frasier, the Simpsons (okay, the later episodes have been crap), Seinfeld???????? And then the cooking thing! Out of curiosity, what do you guys talk about?

adefunke said...


Help me o!

Me sef don dey think am say dis guy can't be normal, and this particular episode of Seinfeld was too funny o!

Telephone conversations with him can be almost painful, this is a typical conversation


'Hey whats up?'
'I'm fine, so wa pa?'
'Mo wa pa, iwo nko?'
'Mo wa pa, How are u?'
are you deaf 'I am fine'
'Mo kan ni kin bere e ni, so wa okay?'
'Mo wa pa!'
' So wa ni ile kin wa ba e sere?' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have found that when he is at his place though he is a lot more vocal, I guess he really isn't very good at making telephone conversations.

Grace said...

The L word is on series?!!!! What time is it? I can't believe this. And is Jennifer Aniston a guest star on the show, or are you thinking of Jennifer Beals? I LOVE the L word!

adefunke said...

the L word is on saturday evening, I am not sure when exactly you can find out from the mnet website. Jennifer Aniston wasn't on the L word, she was on some movie on mnet which was on same time as the L word.