28 March 2006

Heston Blumenthal, he aight!

So I am reading GQ, (Eva Longoria is on the cover and they have a LOT of pictures of Jon Bon Jovi whom I really like by the way) and come across an interview with Heston Blumenthal (restauranteur and chef, owner of 'The Fat Duck' which I can bet doesn't serve 'Ogbonna' or 'Egusi' soup!), apparently he drives the BMW M5 (correct) and had been test driving the M6 (I am as yet undecided about that car). In closing he was asked to name his other cars and he gives this answer -

'I don't have one. The M5 is all I need. My wife does have a Renault Scenic ... Does that count?'

After this gem of a response I must say I gotta love this cook (oops, chef!), even if he doesn't serve Nigerian dishes at the 'Fat Duck'!

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trae_z said...

now i know you're really BMW crazy. minus the avatar you also eat, sleep, and think BMW. no le le sha. we here we're still dreaming of owning cars. anyone that can move will do for me jare!