27 March 2006

So Spike Lee is an arsenal fan ...

I am reading today's Guardian (tuesday is the issue to read if you are job hunting in Nigeria) and in the sports section there is this article on Spike Lee and his hopes for the Old Lady's dissapperance (or expiration!) Unfortunately this particular article isn't in the online edition of the paper, (spent some time searching for it).

Interesting the concept of the American soccer fan of a british football club. So off I go to google to investigate. I come upon this article claiming that Thierry Henry was set to star in Spike's new movie The Inside Man. Since I had watched the trailer and checked out the cast list for the movie only this morning, I knew that was not the case. I carry on on this fact finding mission of mine, and found this post which put the whole thing in some kind of perspective for me. So Spike likes soccer (this is evidenced by his willingness to watch good football, irrespective of who is playing). He also received as a gift season tickets for AC Milian matches. Although he does say that Arsenal is his team, I am not sure if he is reffering to the team that resides in Highbury and will soon be moving to Ashburton Groove, or the the team he coaches on which his son plays which resides at Chelsea Piers in lower Manhattan. He said last year they were called the Boca Juniors due to the fact that he had been in Buenos Aries shooting a BMW commercial (didn't know that, must be getting rusty) and had picked up that particular kit. This would mean that last year he must have been a Boca 'fan' and would imply that next year would probably become the 'fan' of a brazillian team (Santos FC say) as his 'little leagers' change names and kit!

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