01 March 2006

My 'Chikungunya' Scare

I didn’t sleep well last night, first of PHCN were hogging the power as usual although I learned that I have my brothers and sisters in the Niger Delta to thank for that. Apparently the pipelines carrying gas to Egbin and other gas powered power plants were destroyed so the whole country not forgetting our dependents in Benin and Togo (apparently we export electric power!) are dependent on Kanji. With water levels dangerously low (it’s the dry season) to say they are generating power way below projected capacity is a real understatement. Second I don’t know how, but at least one mosquito managed to get into my room and proceeded to race as close to my ears as possible! They it/they even managed to bite me on my back and stomach! I sprayed my room with Baygon before leaving this morning so I am assured that all flying creatures will be dead by the time I get home this evening

Imagine my horror to read the following story this morning. ‘PC’ called my attention to it after listening to me narrate my ordeal! According to the report, Chikungunya has been reported on the African French islands, and those islands are some way from Nigeria, but that is how they were reporting bird flu in turkey meanwhile it was already in Kaduna!!!


Epictetus said...

Adefunke, the scaremonger!

What do we dread here?

A human vector bringing in the virus, and passing it on to mosquito Nigeriana?

First, there are few tourists out of here to any where.

Then, its not too clear that the anopheles can stomach that fancy virus.

Finally, who says the Reunion genus can reach this far?

Then again, remind me to fumigate my premises thoroughly over the weekend!

sokari said...


adefunke said...

Thanks for the link.

thickdick said...

No mosquitoes in your room?...thats assuming you have bought "original" Baygon..there are tons of fakes out there...I "fleeted" my house with the stuff and all that was there was a lingering stench of the stuff!

"original" Baygon leaves no odour....thats how you know the stuff...lack of mosquitoes sure does get the "dick" going too!