01 March 2006

MMY and my old friend the white witch

Met up with two old friends yesterday, one meeting was planned, the other was quite accidental.

MMY recently moved to Mini Dolphin and I had been invited to come 'know' the new place. Dolphin Estates is made up of two sections; Main Dolphin (comprising of duplexes) and what I call Mini Dolphin made up of blocks of flats. I have never been a big fan of Dolphin Estates, way too cramped. Growing up in Ibadan, I guess I have been spoiled for space. Prior to my visit yesterday, I had only been to Mini Dolphin once before and that was some four years ago, even then I was unimpressed with the whole environment, however nothing could prepare me for what I saw yesterday. Blocks badly in need of paint threatening to collapse under the weight of DSTV dishes, TV antennas, ac units, etc garbage everywhere you looked, well fed rats with luxuriant pelts strolling majestically across the roads, every other block boasting a kiosk selling everything from soap to kerosene. It looked like isale eko (interior Lagos Island) only there where nicer cars parked in front of the buildings.

MMY promptly apologized for the state of the estate (like it was his fault), I feel for him sha, I know he was forced to take this place when the other house deal he was working on fell through. I am betting he will be moving again in another 6 months. The place was still upside down although MMY and his flat mate had managed to do up their rooms. He had this really lovely not quite coffee table not quite side board in his room, he said it came from Algeria, it was exquisite. He also had a black and white print of one of his works just above the exotic table, I am not an expert on the subject but I must say that I think he takes wicked pictures. We hung out for awhile, he entertained me with Angie Stone (I love her!) and we talked about work (he is into IT too). I left with a promise to hook up today for a meal.

On my way into Dolphin it occurred to me that an old friend of mine lived there and that I had never visited and that she had a baby who was almost a year old whom I had never seen, I didn't even know his name! As I drive out of MMY's street, my phone rings and guess who it is, my old friend! I did a 360, was she nearby? Yes she was in her house and no she hadn't seen me, she just had this urge to talk with me (this girl na witch I swear!) I now confess I am in the area and of course she insists I drop by her place after abusing me very well (as only an old friend can do properly). She greets me in her pj's and she looks like she was ready to go to bed as she had mentioned on the phone. She has grown a little pouch courtesy of her son and she assures me that its actually reducing thanks to a vigorous regimen she follows at the gym. Unfortunately her son is asleep, we gist a bit and I have to admit I was a bit distracted by this wonderful smell of stew! My treacherous stomach starts making growling noises (I haven't eaten a home cooked meal in like 3 weeks). I tell her my stomach is complaining so off we go to the kitchen to raid the pot (it was goat meat and not chicken). Look at the time, its past 10 pm! Hugs and kisses and a promise to make a date for lunch (I smell hanky-panky here) I hop in my trusty 14 year old car and head off home. It was a real pleasure seeing her, and the fact that she called just as I was thinking about her gave me this warm feeling (she must be a white witch!)

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